dream threads

eyes pried open

daylight deceiver

got my threads tangled up

while I played dream weaver

what happens now?

fate or chance?

feet have no rhythm

and life is a dance

bad advice

it’s all i take

good medicine speaks

but I’m not awake

in my slumber

I can hear them talk

stumbling around

while I sleep walk

look at them so clean

look at them so cold

caught up in their little lives

dying to get old

I wish I was special

I wish I was real

but I’m color blind

so I took the blue pill

— 2 years ago with 1 note

got a stomach ache

swallowed too many dreams

another tidalĀ  wave

our hearts burst at the seams

eat me, drink me

which ones right?

just staring at the moon

it’s all I can do tonight

lit up, passed on

it’s all I am

he shouted out

he’s a boy, not a man

meant to be…

alone in the dark?


all I have is your spark

you smiled at me

you walked away

where’s your heart?

"saved for a rainy day."

there it is

Birds still singing

I hear it now

Bells still ringing

I told you once,

I felt insane

but I think I was just

dancing for rain.

— 2 years ago
one last turtle …

crossing the road

that’s what I have this shell for

on my back

that’s what I have this bell for

it’s been missing for a week

tragedy, it seems,is at it’s peak

no one answers when I call

bitterly,quietly, I forgot them all

keep it moving, I’m so slow

awake now, with no place to go

read… look… it’s a map

something tells me it was in my lap

memories just fall out

so I only feel what it’s about

you, you can erase my brain

but my heart will always feel this pain

you,you can’t hear my bell

I’ve been hiding it here in my shell

— 2 years ago
"When you were yourself it tasted sweet
But it sours into a routine deceit
Well this drama is a bore
And I don’t want to play no more”

whoever gets that is my best friend for today. Not even kidding.

— 2 years ago
the feed

Oh,honey it’s too late for me

got my noose and I’m already to the tree

yeah darling, they brought their torches too

they found out about the things I do

you went so far to see me fed

when I was laying in the deathbed

blood and poison, I tainted you

I know you have those dreams too

steal my sunlight, I need rain

I’ll take your headache, feed me pain

I’d give back your gift if I knew how

but I’m only waking up just now

so confused,there goes my heart

just skip ahead to the burning part

it’s my cigarette that burns the forest down

hope there’s one white rabbit left around

they’ll ask your ghost, “How did you die?”

"Trying to feed a succubi."

— 2 years ago